Make Fire Safety Education Fun For Kids

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Fire is dangerous and scary, most kids know that. However, the topic of fire safety is something that they should never be afraid of. In fact, kids should be made to realise the importance of this subject matter in the prevention of fires, risks, injuries, and fatalities.

When teaching safety to children, parents, child care givers, and teachers should remember that they should not terrify the kids or else, it may be possible for them to be too nervous to do the right thing in case a fire does happen.

Making kids safety education fun and enjoyable can help greatly in instilling valuable lessons in children more effectively. This can also help to ensure that they do not become too scared of fires, enough for them to freeze during an actual emergency situation. Having the confidence and knowledge on fire safety can make it easier for them to do the right thing during a fire breakout.

Here are some things to do to make fire safety education amusing without diminishing its importance.

1. Take the children to a field trip

Kids love field trips. Not only do they always learn about so many things, they are also always enjoyable. To teach kids about fire safety, it would be a smart idea to bring them to a fire brigade department. Here, they will get to meet firefighters and get to look around the fire station. Firefighters can also teach them some valuable lessons about fire safety, and may even show them how the fire extinguisher, fire hose, or fire truck works. Do not forget to schedule an appointment in advance before dropping by.

2. Read children books about fire safety to children.

Another activity that kids love is story-telling. Ask the children to gather around and tell them a story about a house fire that occurred where children were able to escape safely by not panicking and by keeping safety tips in mind. Be sure to include lessons on fire prevention and emergency preparedness in your story, which are simple enough for the kids to understand and absorb.

3. Play games that pertain to fire safety.

Instead of simply showing them how to do the Stop, Drop, and Roll method, turn this into a game and have them do this alternately. The one who does this properly wins a game. Another important safety lesson you can turn into a game has something to do with the fire exit. Instead of just pointing to them where the fire exits are located, have them find these exits on their own (while guiding and supervising them closely) and the one who finds them first wins a prize. Just do not forget to teach them about the importance of these things so that they won’t only have fun, they will also learn something.

Of course, even though it is a good idea to teach safety lessons in a fun and enjoyable manner, it is still important to reiterate at all times that fire safety is a very serious matter that should never be taken as a joke.

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